General Information

Phone: 651-436-3500
Address: 3165 St. Croix Trail S., Afton MN 55001

Afton Museum is open 11-5pm Wednesdays and Thursday. Anyone wanting to visit the museum at another time should contact the museum manager, Vickie Winge, to make an appointment.
Email: vickie@aftonhistoricalmuseum.com
Voice mail: 651-436-3500


  • President: Stan Ross
  • Vice President:Leslie Thomas
  • Secretary:Terry Clymer
  • Treasurer: Laurel Ross

Board Members

  • Kathy Weed
  • Deb Erickson
  • Ken Johnson
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Diane Perkins

About Afton, Minnesota

The historic village of Afton is nestled between wooded river bluffs and a protected scenic river, the lovely St. Croix. Some call Afton "nostalgic, friendly, and quaintly charming." Visitors in the mid-1800's were reminded of Robert Burns' poem "Afton Water" and thence came its name. Following French fur traders to the St. Croix Valley, New Englanders platted the Village in 1855, and influenced its simple, straightforward architecture. Clear drinking water still flows from the springs shown on the early plats. Some of the virgin pines still stand in its deep ravines. Wild flowers, deer, flying geese, and songbirds thrive here, along with wild berry bushes left from Afton's early berry industry. Today, in the center of a quiet residential community, is a small business district of restaurants, an inn, marinas, and unique shops and services. Surrounding the village are farms, parks, and nature preserves. Most of the village businesses are located in 19th century houses or buildings, some of which are still being restored.

Afton Historical Museum

The Afton Museum is located in the former Congregational church building erected in 1868, in the historic Village of Afton. Over the years the building housed the Congregational and American Methodist congregations and was later used by fraternal organizations, schools and civic groups. It became the seat of government and voting place for the Village of Afton, and in 1976, candidate Walter Mondale cast his ballot in this building when he was running as Vice President of the United States with President Jimmy Carter. The museum showcases rotating displays and has a permanent display dedicated to honoring Afton area veterans. We also have an extensive collection of family files, documents, photographs, census records, and information about Afton’s 7 cemeteries. The museum staff will be glad to assist you with your research. The museum is operated by volunteers and donations are appreciated.