Coming this Summer! 160+ years of Afton's development through plat maps

The Afton museum is excited to announce this summer’s exhibit, showcasing 160+ years of Afton’s development through decades of historic plat maps. Featured will be a recently discovered 1850s hand-drawn on fabric, pre-settlement Afton map.

This remarkable map underwent extensive restoration at Midwest Art Conservation Center in Minneapolis, paid by Minnesota Legacy grant. See early roads, frontier town features and important land use decisions, such as designating a public square, that have impacted residents and visitors since the map was drafted. Following a template established in eastern frontier towns, Afton streets were arranged in a grid pattern; first through eleventh avenue ran east-west, while named streets; Water, Front, Washington, Main and High ran north-south. The map even predates the village’s eventual name of Afton. This exhibit will be open to the public on May 27th in time for the Memorial Holiday and will run through late fall.”