Evening with Pulitzer Prize Winner

The Afton Museum and Holler Productions are excited to co-host a discussion with Afton resident Robin McDowell, winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize, on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:00 PM at the museum.
Robin has been a journalist with the Associated Press for 20 years mostly in Southeast Asia. Her award winning "Seafood from Slaves" series written and reported with three colleagues, resulted in the freeing of more than 2,000 fishing slaves in Indonesia. It also led to dozens of arrests, the seizure of assets worth millions of dollars, and changes in U.S. federal legislation.
During her time in this region, Robin’s work focused on important human rights and social injustice issues. She was Bureau Chief in Indonesia, reporting on everything from tsunamis to terrorist attacks. Her reports from Cambodia and Myanmar highlighted the difficulties young democracies face after emerging from military rule, civil strife and horrific rights abuses. She started a newspaper in Cambodia and has also worked in Thailand and Burma.
Seating for the presentation is limited and offered ‘first come, first served’ with regrets when filled. There will be a $10.00 per person fee at the door for the event. The discussion will continue at the Lumberyard Pub afterwards (approximately 8:00 pm) and all are welcome. It will also be videotaped and available on Valley Access TV at a later date.
Holler Productions is an Afton experiment providing interesting conversations around people with a story, and plans to provide video content for Valley Access Cable and on YouTube.
Contact us at info@aftonhistoricalmuseum.com or by calling 651-436-3500.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/04/19/business/media/pulitzer-prize-winners....



The NEW CUTTER EXHIBIT will be shown in honor of long-time Afton resident Kenn Kopitzke.

Kenn Kopitzke’s favorite hobby was to purchase and restore antique winter sleighs or cutters. He spearheaded the Cutter Exhibit. Sadly he passed last month.
Included in our Cutter/Sleigh Exhibit will be the Restoration of a scale model of the Original 6-Horse Budweiser Clydesdale Hitch and Beer Wagon by Carol Gross.
Share the love of carriages and carriage driving and honor our friend Kenn.

Searching For

The Museum is currently looking for historic photos or postcards of the Interstate Lumber Co. in Afton. Please call Pam at 651-436-3500. or mail or drop off at the museum. Thanks!

"Chair-ish" the Afton Museum Auction 2016


Every September Afton hosts Art in the Park; a fun, outdoor, family event showcasing exceptional artists and local businesses.
Last year the museum held a Silent Auction of 10 Adirondack Chairs, sponsored by museum supporters and painted/decorated
by local artists. The event was such a success we're excited to announce "Chair-ish" the Afton Museum Auction 2016!!
So, for those of you aspiring or dedicated artists, get your creative juices flowing and start thinking Adirondack Chairs!
If you're not an artist but want to be a part of this event you can sponsor a chair for just $50.00.
(Even better... be a team, one of you sponsors the chair the other "beautifies" it.)
We want to give our artists plenty of time to do their thing so the plan is to get the chairs to their perspective artists before the end of April.
Proceeds go entirely to the Afton Historical Society Museum's operational fund.

If you're interested in being an artist or sponsor please feel free to email info@aftonhistoricalmuseum or call Pam at 651-436-3500

2016 Exhibits


Military Exhibit is Ongoing
Feb and March - Cutter/Sleigh Exhibit
April and May - Farm Exhibit
June and July - Wedding Dress Exhibit